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Whirl-Pak Helps to Ensure Safe Drinking Water in Shanghai Schools

In Shanghai, the well-being of students is a concern for every family and a responsibility for society as a whole. To ensure that students can enjoy healthy and safe drinking water, even at school, Shanghai has established stringent testing standards for direct safe drinking water in primary and secondary schools.

According to the “Basic Requirements for the Construction and Maintenance of Campus Direct Drinking Water Projects in Primary and Secondary Schools in Shanghai,” schools must conduct regular inspections of direct drinking water equipment. This includes daily, weekly, monthly, semester, and post-filter replacement checks to ensure water quality meets national health standards.

Whirl-Pak Standard Bag - Blue Sample

Drinking water quality testing is not only crucial for students’ healthy development but also essential for school hygiene and safety. Using the correct sampling tools can significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of testing. Whirl-Pak standard sampling bags, known for the unique design and exceptional performance, have become the preferred choice for direct drinking water testing in Shanghai campuses.

Watch our video to see how Whirl-Pak sampling bags are ensuring clean, safe drinking water for every student in Shanghai schools! Join us in our mission to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all!

Whirl-Pak Standard Bags

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