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Whirl-Pak Product Guide: Volume 63

Explore the advantages Whirl-Pak and Sludge Judge products offer industry experts around the world.

Whirl-Pak Water Guide: Volume 1

This editorial will guide you through the sustainability benefits and premium quality solutions to implement in your facility for a safer, healthier more productive world.

Why our first-to-market quality impacts your day-to-day

Whirl-Pak Features for your Gold Standard Advantage

Post-manufacturing sterilization for results you can trust!

Your time is important and you should never worry about the validity of your test results due to a faulty sampling container, that is why our +1 Sterilization process is valuable to our customers. Whirl-Pak products undergo post-manufacturing sterilization and quality assurance testing at a medical-grade, ISO-certified facility. 

Our product differs from all others on the market by adding post-manufacturing sterilization to the process. While blowing the film, it can be assumed the closure bags are ‘sterilized’, but for added value, Whirl-Pak sterilizes product AFTER manufacturing for added assurance.

To download your digital sterility documentation, simply visit our Sterility Document Search and enter lot number captured on the carton label for immediate download.


Introducing Our NEW 184oz Filter Bag!

Our NEW 184oz filter bag offers enhanced support for up to 375 grams and features an impressive 1:10 enrichment ratio. With its secure closure, you can trust in reliable results every time.

Case Study – Analytical Scientist Leads the Change from Rigid Containers to Whirl-Pak bags

Chris, an Analytical Scientist, lead the change from rigid containers to Whirl-Pak’s trusted bags. Watch as Chris walks you through his pathway to success.

Liquid-Lock Closure, Easy as 1-2-3!

Check how EASY you can achieve a liquid-lock closure lab techs trust!

Whirl-Pak® Seam Strength Testing

Whirl-Pak bags are made with welded seams, making them demonstrably stronger than other bags.

How to meet sustainability goals by REDUCING waste!

Are you focused on the wrong “R” in the waste hierarchy? It’s natural to focus heavily – if not exclusively – on RECYCLING. Whirl-Pak has taken significant strides toward REDUCING waste at the top of the waste hierarchy.

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