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Whirl-Pak Bags Used to Advocate for Cleaner Waters Before Annual Polar Bear Plunge

Did you check the water quality before taking your icy plunge earlier this year? Next time you gear up for the annual polar bear swim near you, let’s advocate for cleaner waters.

Just like Glass Beach in Sidney, which conducted water sampling and testing before the big event using Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags, you too can ensure water safety!

On water-testing nights, Surfsider volunteers like Webber venture out just far enough to capture a lapping wave with a Whirl-Pak, a water sampling bag named after the whirling action it takes to seal the sampler shut.

Read more about the importance, efficiency, low-cost, and sustainable sample collection technique:

Advocate for Cleaner Waters – Source: Times Columnist on January 1, 204; Author: Michael John Lo