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Environmental Policy

As you know, environmental sustainability is a must in today’s business environment, and Whirl-Pak takes this initiative very seriously. We strive to provide economic and environmentally sustainable product solutions for our customers, while also looking to improve opportunities throughout our supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics operation to remain a gold-standard supplier.

2022 Highlights

In 2022, Whirl-Pak kicked off a conversion from white to kraft inner cartons. This green(er) packaging is comprised of 78.7% recycled material and is 29% more recyclable that the well-known, previously used Whirl-Pak white box.

As well as providing a more eco-friendly carton, this change enhances your Whirl-Pak experience with a more durable material for shipping and storage. The new kraft inner cartons do not endure the same extensive bleaching process as the white box, a process that decreases the paper’s strength. With added durability of the new kraft material, the cartons can be reused if necessary for any additional sustainability benefit to your organization.

With this fundamental change, you can expect your product to arrive as pristine as the day it left our manufacturing line, delivering our best-in-class guarantee for quality you can trust making the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Environmental Policy

October 1st, 2022 (last updated)


Whirl-Pak® strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability and believes that a successful future for our business and the customers we serve depends on the sustainability of the environment, communities and economies in which we operate.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we bear a responsibility to consider the impacts of our actions and how they affect the environment both directly in terms of our own operation, and indirectly through out purchasing decisions, the products we offer to our customers and the business opportunities we pursue.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and to demonstrating leadership by integrating environmental considerations into all our business practices.


The requirements of this policy apply to all entities and employees of Whirl-Pak®.

Although this policy applies to all entities and employees, the primary audience for this policy is those responsible for its implementation, namely the business line leaders and local management of each entity of the company.


 We want our products, services and production to be part of a sustainable society. We are committed to:

a)     Environmental Commitments

Protect the Environment:

• Whirl-Pak® will protect the environment, including preventing pollution, through responsible management of operations;

• Will give appropriate weight to this environmental policy when making future planning and investment decisions;

• Will design products to reduce their adverse environmental impact in production, use and disposal;

• Will reduce resource consumption, waste and pollution in our operations.


• Whirl-Pak® will comply with, or exceed, our environmental obligations, including taking a proactive approach regarding environmental legislation that affects our business.

b)     Operations

Objectives and Targets:

• Whirl-Pak® will set targets and objectives, within the scope of the environmental management system, to achieve continual improvement and a sustainable development;

• Will establish and periodically review and report progress on objectives and targets in the pursuit of continual improvement in our environmental management system for the purpose of enhancing our environmental performance and ongoing prevention of pollution. 

Own Operations:

• Whirl-Pak® will minimize the environmental impacts of our own operations through best practice management of our use of energy, transportation, material consumption, water use, waste and emissions;

• Will encourage suppliers, subcontractors, retailers and recyclers of our products to adopt the same environmental principles as Whirl-Pak®.

Purchasing Decisions:

 • Whirl-Pak® will consider the environmental performance of our suppliers and the environmental attributes of products and services in our purchasing decisions.


• Whirl-Pak® will ensure adherence to our established environmental management processes through periodic internal audits.

c)      Engagement and Transparency


 • Whirl-Pak® will raise employee awareness and support employee creativity and enthusiasm with respect to implementing our environmental policies, guidelines, programs and initiatives;

• Will continually promote environmental awareness, responsibility and best practices and to support the environmental sustainability culture of our company through education and in-house initiatives.


• Whirl-Pak® will report transparently on internal environmental performance through our company website. 

• Download the latest report here.

Learn about the Whirl-Pak difference
Learn about the Whirl-Pak difference.