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The conception of Whirl-Pak® started with the need to collect liquid samples.

In the early 1950’s, milk was transported and combined in bulk tanks along a specific route into one blend. Farmers soon began to voice concerns over the potential risk for a reduction in overall milk quality. Taking up the issue in 1954, Harold Barnum, a leading authority in the milk sanitation industry, developed a process called the “Universal Sampling Procedure”.

The Universal Sampling Procedure allowed milk truck drivers to collect milk samples from each farm and test it prior to transport in order to ensure its quality throughout the process. With proven effectiveness of this testing, Barnum recognized a need for mass production of leak-proof closure bags, and Whirl-Pak was officially established in 1959. Barnum transformed the dairy industry and then began to explore quality assurance testing and sampling in other industries, such as food, beverage, and water. Today we live in a safer, healthier world thanks to Barnum’s vision, and our business continues to thrive because of his tireless work.

At Whirl-Pak, we continue to strive for excellence with secure sampling bags that ensure the safety of consumers while improving efficiencies in processing facilities and laboratories. As quality management policies and regulation requirements change, the health and safety of the consumer depends on the accuracy of your test results. Whirl-Pak can help you deliver the best possible outcome — each and every time.

We will always deliver results you can trust.

Harold Barnum Development of Whirl-Pak
Harold Barnum
Whirl-Pak First Bags
Whirl-Pak bags first to the market.

What is the Whirl-Pak Gold Standard Advantage?

Eliminate added costs, time and uncertainty with the most-trusted, gold-standard closure bag utilized around the world. Our bags are intentionally designed with one-of-a kind features that ensure a leak-proof, sterilized, easy-to-use container for results you can trust. Whirl, twirl or fold, it’s not Whirl-Pak’s premium quality if it doesn’t have Whirl-Pak trademarked on the bag.

Check out features below that differentiate us in the market, features that bring you secure sample collection and testing solutions.

Whirl-Pak Features for your Gold Standard Advantage

Post-manufacturing sterilization for results you can trust!

Your time is important and you should never worry about the validity of your test results due to a faulty sampling container, that is why our +1 Sterilization process is valuable to our customers. Whirl-Pak products undergo post-manufacturing sterilization and quality assurance testing at a medical-grade, ISO-certified facility. 

Our product differs from all others on the market by adding post-manufacturing sterilization to the process. While blowing the film, it can be assumed the closure bags are ‘sterilized’, but for added value, Whirl-Pak sterilizes product AFTER manufacturing for added assurance.

To download your digital sterility documentation, simply visit our Sterility Document Search and enter lot number captured on the carton label for immediate download.

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