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Regardless of the task at hand, you need the right tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively. What do you NEED to know about us? Whirl-Pak®, Filtration Group is a reliable partner for helping users achieve success. Explore Why Whirl-Pak.

With Smarter Sampling Solutions, we arm you with critical tools to collect, test and store samples. In addition to a portfolio that supports your facility from start to finish, you can rely on consistent quality and customer service. 

Our featured collections service a wide array of industries by understanding the needs of field technicians, operators, treatment technicians, lab technicians, environmental analysts and scientists, quality assurance professionals, research chemists, and more. 

Our portfolio supports collection, testing and storage applications. There’s never been a better time to try our Smarter Sampling Solutions. We can help you reduce waste and costs while increasing sustainability and providing a pathway to success at your facility. 

Take the lead, and make the change today for guaranteed quality assurance, availability, sustainability benefits and gold-standard design you can trust.

WHY WHIRL-PAK? What differentiates Whirl-Pak from other bags

Whirl-Pak Features for your Gold Standard Advantage

Post-manufacturing sterilization for results you can trust!

Your time is important and you should never worry about the validity of your test results due to a faulty sampling container, that is why our +1 Sterilization process is valuable to our customers. Whirl-Pak products undergo post-manufacturing sterilization and quality assurance testing at a medical-grade, ISO-certified facility. 

Our product differs from all others on the market by adding post-manufacturing sterilization to the process. While blowing the film, it can be assumed the closure bags are ‘sterilized’, but for added value, Whirl-Pak sterilizes product AFTER manufacturing for added assurance.

To download your digital sterility documentation, simply visit our Sterility Document Search and enter lot number captured on the carton label for immediate download.

Watch the demonstration video of Whirl-Pak’s Film and seam strength vs other bags.
Learn more about Whirl-Pak and why we know we’re on a mission to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.

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