Sustainable Packaging Changes Coming Your Way


Sustainable changes for a more sustainable environment!

We are holding ourselves to the gold-standard in environmental sustainability by converting our product packaging from white, bleached carton to a more eco-friendly kraft solution.


Environmental sustainability is a must in today’s business environment, and Nasco Sampling takes this initiative very seriously. We strive to provide economic and environmentally sustainable product solutions for our customers, while also looking to improve opportunities throughout our supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics operations to remain a gold-standard supplier.

One major change coming your way is the conversion from white to kraft inner cartons. This green(er) packaging is comprised of 78.7% recycled material and is 29% more recyclable than the well-known, previously used Whirl-Pak white box.

In addition to providing a more eco-friendly carton, this change enhances your Whirl-Pak experience with a more durable material for shipping and storage. The new kraft-pak inner cartons do not endure the same extensive bleaching process as the white box, a process that decreases the paper’s strength. With the added durability of the new kraft material, the cartons can be reused within your facility if necessary for an additional sustainability benefit to your organization.

With this fundamental change, you can expect your product to arrive as pristine as the day it left our manufacturing line, delivering our best-in-class guarantee for quality you can trust.

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— Owner, Weber Scientific